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Greetings! My name is Allegra and I am new to this community. 'The Lord of the Rings' is my favorite book of all time (I consider it to be one book, since that's how Tolkien originally intended it). My favorite of the books is definately 'The Return of the King'. I was also extremely pleased with Peter Jackson's film. I thought it was for the most part very true to Tolkien and just a superb movie with great actors, all of which were perfect for their roles. I am planning on reading more on the history of Middle-Earth (The Silmarillion, The Book of Lost Tales, etc.), but at the moment I'm way too busy with school for pleasure reading, unfortunately :(

Anyways, just so you know a little more about me, I'm a Christian and I love to read, write, draw and hang out with my friends. Some of my favorite things are: books (especially Classic literature), art, strawberry shortcake, Shakespeare, poetry, peanut butter (lol), quotes, horses (although I love all animals), wildlife, mythology, and movies. I'm also a bit of a tomboy and I love sports. Oh yeah, and did I mention I'm very talkative? Well, I hope to be seeing you guys around!
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Cool. Post something quick. This community needs some livening up.

I mean, okay, okay, I should have posted my thing about Tolkien and St. Augustine long ago, but I'm just lazy.
I'm just glad to see someone still posts every now and again. It's been dead here for the longest, and I was thinking about dropping the community.
My favorite of the books is definately 'The Return of the King'.

Your favourite of the parts my dear. :) Sorry, I couldn't help but correct that error.