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A Long-expected Party

Happy 50th, Fellowship of the Ring!

I know it's a little early - it's still the 28th in Denver, but TORn has started the party with three threads on its main board devoted to the 50th anniversary celebration.

My personal favorite - a pants thread!
For those of you new to the game, you substitute the word "pants" for a line from the book or movie.
For example, Boromir's line: "Gondor has no king, Gondor needs no king" is translated to "Gondor has no pants, Gondor needs no pants."

TORn will have three days of 50th anniversary threads to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

So what are you all doing to celebrate? I'm taking the day off tomorrow to re-read at least part of FOTR and a Verlyn Fleiger book on Faerie that I hadn't read yet. Also going to a 50th birthday party tonight hosted by the Denver Tolkien Society.
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